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been meaning to post this. I CAME UP WITH A NEW WORD AND NEED TO SHARE IT WITH EVERY ONE!!! it's great!! can be used it front of children and on TV.


fuck and buggered. Great word and I think it's multi purpose. and everyone should remember it and use it.
We need to get it in the dictionary or at least in to common usuage. Only my thought but give it a try.
It's all FUGGERED!!
My computer is FUGGERED!!!
I went out last night and got FUGGERED!!
See so many uses.
Rant ends :)

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I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST YESTERDAY!!!!!!  all excited about buying a car now. going out on friday with my step dad to go car shopping
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A record for me two entries in one day.
Just had my lunch and realised we have some very interesting, if some what twisted conversations in the smoke room. They range from politics, family, relationships, Iraq and so many varied things. Today was rather morbid about Donner Registration and death.
Now that sounds rather cruel and cold but it was very interesting and started me thinking again.
I was asked if I'm on the Donner list and I was but I've lost my card so need to get it and do it again. We were talking about the different type of donner you can be. Now I don't mind them taking liver, kidney and other stuff but I would like to keep my eyes. But I'll be dead so why would I care if I have my eyes or not? 
Part of me screams they are mine, you can't have them. But isn't that rather selfish, I wouldn't be using them again and if they can help someone else or medical science, then so let them have them. But they are mine, do they have an imprint of everything I've seen? No not really thats my brain and once the electrically impulses aren't firing then does everything I know get wiped? Like blanking disc or tape. Does it just go to static? I don't know. 
But would I want to donate my whole body to medical science? No not really. I don't want to be in frezzer storgae or hanging in a lab and letting someone cut me up and play with my bits. No respect some people. But then I won't be in the body anymore so why would i care?  I shouldn't.
This conversation led on to discussions about burial and cremations.
Some people don't want to buried. They don't like the idea of being enclosed and the bugs and things. Or the idea of the weeping family round the graveside. But for some people that image is reassuring. 
Some people do't like the idea of being burnt, sorry, cremated. They are scared of fire. They don't like the idea that the family would have no where to go to remember them.  And that once that's done, thats it they are gone. 
If someone doesn't like the idea of either of them, they don't have much option left really. 
Me personally, I don't like the idea of being in a box, under ground. I don't like bugs, I don't like enclosed spaces. And if I had a headstone who would look after it? Once your immedate family have passed on, who will care about a lump of stone? So it would just stand there, taking up room, getting messy. 
I don't want people I care about trampsing up to a graveyard just to pay respects. But I understand for some people that space is necessary. I would prefer to be cremated. But I don't want randomly scattering, though that would cover my personality. The old phrase " I want to be a tree" srpings very clearly to mind. Use me for someting useful one last time. Plant a tree and use my ash as fertilzer. If you want chuck a bench underneath when it grows a bit but I want a tree. Not a shrub but a nice tree, with red leaves or damn my mum has a really nice one in her garden but i can't remember what it's called but it looks kinda japanese. 
I would very much like a tree, then no worried about who's going to polish my headstone or deal with my weeds. Just plant a tree and watch it grow.
See I don't want a depressing funeral. If you wamt to turn up then fine go ahead But don't mourn my passing, rejoyce I was here to start with to drive you crazy.  
See told you lucnh time in the smoke room was strange. Or am I strange for thinking none of this is depressing and just an inveitable fact of life?

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LJ Interests Deathmatch
sar_belly vs. allsopp
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allsopp uses their zen-like mastery of d&d miniatures to stop 6 damage.

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Another Friday and another dress down day! We get to dress down on every Friday while England is in the World Cup. So much prettiness and velvet and my favourite boots.

Another great weekend to look forward too, Get to see the digitalharlot, sabeldnah, ickle peeps, cats, friends and one fantastic boyfriend random_master. ~watch pixie reach for the sick bucket lol~


I think we may possible be doing some photos this weekend but you never quite know how things will unfold at the Pixie household. So brought some prettiness with me and forgot my DVDs that I meant to bring. Have such a fluffy head today, surprised I remembered anything. But I did remember my driving licence so I can book my practical test, again if I remember.

Oh well only waffling really so I guess I should stop.


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It's working again! All hail the curative powers of the radiator.
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Hey just to let you know I'm having a technical problem with my phone. IT'S NOT WORKING. The damn thing is not registering any key presses other than the star key. I can't access any menus or answer any calls, or get phone numbers. I've left it near the radiator in the hope that it's just damp in the system and it will dry out.
So please leave a message on here and I'll answer it when i can. I don't have a computer at home so anything posted after 5pm will be answered the next day.
If is still not working tonight, I'll be without one until Saturday when I may have to buy new phone.
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I'm stuck at work and Pixie_fae is going out shopping. And I'm stuck in an office. WORK SUCKS!!!! PANTS And not FAIR

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